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Nature Explorers has a dedicated, passionate and innovative team of Early Childhood Educators who pride themselves on child led practices.

With a focus on sustainability and well being, this team could think of nothing better than playing in nature!

Sofia Machado
Constantly seeking  adventures, new experiences and soul nourishment.  The commitment to children’s education and Nature Explorers represents the perfect meeting of her great inspirations. When not following children’s interest in the bush, Sofia is off touring places near and far, having slowly travelled through over 50 countries.
Karyn McKinnon
Karyn has a great love of nature and much of her past has revolved around the natural world, including a Biological Science degree, working in a Bush tucker nursery and doing various volunteer work with animals. Being part of  Nature Explorers enables her to help children to immerse in the natural world while learning, increasing their confidence, taking risks, exploring, questioning and enjoying every experience. She believes Nature Explorers helps children to develop greater respect for nature
Heidi Freier
Growing up in a surf loving family and jumping around on boats as a child. Heidi loves the outdoor life and anything that involves the water. On the weekends you will find her and her family at their local beach surfing, snorkelling or swimming and dreaming up travel adventures!
So when an opportunity came up to join the Nature Explorers Team, as a playgroup leader it was a natural progression for her to put her love of children and nature together.
Adelle Jarvis
Adelle spent her early childhood in the UK walking dogs through woods & picking wild berries to eat. One of her dreams is to live a self sufficient life here in beautiful Northern NSW with her husband and two sons. Adelle believes that the wonder of nature & the beauty of early childhood are inextricably linked.
Kelli Brown
Kelli's early memories are founded by the deep connection with the bush and the creek. Her passion for the outdoors is evident when you speak with her. With an arty mind, Kelli seeks inspiration in raw and natural materials and she can easily see beauty and opportunities in every stick, leaf and pebble.
Justine Grantham
Justine is a mother to two boys aged 7 & 11. She lives between the beach and river in New Brighton. Justine has a background in art and a degree in Art education. "I love finding beauty in nature and the slowing down it provides for us, sometimes in nature it feels like time doesn't exist".
Cassy Read
Cassy is the Director of Pottsville Community Preschool, A passionate advocate of play-based learning and the belief that children’s ability to assess risk safely, is a life long skill, that begins in early childhood. Cassy’s passion is educational leadership her pedagogy includes creating a culture of collaboration and adventure within her teams by drawing on each educators unique strengths and interests and embedding these into the program
Megan Byrnes
Vanessa Slater
I believe that positive early childhood experiences created when children learn through involvement and play can affect their achievements and attitudes throughout their lives.
What better positive learning experiences could there be but those made in nature, where children can learn through reflection on doing.
Growing up in our local area there has been many a days exploring and learning in nature.
Mish Tonks
I have worked in early childhood education for the last 6 years here at the Pottsville Community Preschool. Previously I worked as a divemaster/photographer on the Great Barrier Reef for 12 years. I have a deep respect and curiosity for our natural environment. Being a part of Nature Explorers allows the opportunity for me to share
my passion for inspiring young children to be enthused and connect to nature.
Remi Weston
Rebecca Burch
Rebecca, is an Early Childhood educator with a passion for nature. She focuses on utilising the outdoor environment for learning and finding ways to bring the wonders of the natural world indoors.
Becky Paulson
Becky enjoys bushwalking and beach walking.Making new discoveries as she Explores and fossicks in the outdoors,it may be a centipede, a new waterfall a colourful fungi.
She loves going on adventures with her kids whether it be planned or spontaneous, big or small. She love the sounds,sights and feeling of contentment she has when she connects herself, her family and nature together.
This is what I aspire for the families who join in the Nature Explorers playgroup journey to feel.
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