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Volunteer Program

  • Nature Explorers shares our love for nature play and learning with the wider community of ' Nature Explorers' and are keen to share our experiences. 

  • To maintain the integrity of the program and to minimise disruption to the  children, the Volunteer program is available for a 5 or 10 week block for one day a week. A selection process including an interview to ensure an appropriate fit for the staff and the children and to maximise the benefit to the wider community

Student Placement

  • Nature Explorers hosts students from local TAFE NSW, Universities and International Universities

  • Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to nature pedagogy programs. It also increases their knowledge of the education sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices.

  • Student placement experience complements students academic studies by providing hands on experiences and learning in real educational situations.

  • Students report that they gain increased confidence, motivation and self-esteem from their placement.

Click on the Contact Tab ​to reach out to us via phone, email or use our contact form to show your interest in these programs.


"My experience as a nature explorer volunteer has been a highlight in my 37 year career as an Early Childhood educator.

I feel privileged to have observed children who are learning to take calculated risks, problem solve, use teamwork and collaborate with their community with the aim to understand and care for our natural environment. Watching the children climb trees, roll down hills, use real tools and dance in the rain reignited the wonderful memories of my childhood. 

Sofia and Kelly are phenomenal educators who show respect for each child's decisions and abilities. Children are learning at every opportunity, through every decision and through every discovery and there is not a single toy in sight. Nature explorers become confident, caring, capable and resilient learners who feel a sense of belonging to the group, their community and to nature.

Reflecting on this experience has given me renewed passion and inspiration to spread the nature explorers vision and philosophy. I wish every child could be a nature explorer, and every educator could feel the joy of sharing this rich learning experience in their career."

                                                                                                           Marion Martin

Hastings Dunecare

Community volunteers from Hastings Dunecare working alongside Explorers regenerating local sites with native trees.

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