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We facilitate Forest School and Outdoor Learning in Primary Schools, working closely with staff and families to provide students with quality educational learning experiences in the outdoor environment.


During Nature Explorers sessions student learn all key learning areas of the National Curriculum through hands on practical activities.

The outdoor environment allows students to move more freely than in the classroom and immerse themselves into exploration, investigation and extend their curiosity with natural resources, providing them with deep learning, knowledge, and skills.

At Nature Explorers sessions, students are confident and enthusiastic learners. They are eager to go on their nature sessions and excited to participate. Interest based experiences provides students with the freedom to make decision and have the choice to follow their imagination and creativity whilst challenging themselves with new skills and discoveries that will facilitate their learning. This freedom excites the students, they immediately engage in investigation and problem solve their new and unfamiliar topic or continue deeper learning. 


Providing students with this style of learning environment ensures that learning is viewed as fun and not frightening to the students. It enables students to be less apprehensive and less anxious about learning which will help students stay focused and concentrate for longer periods of time whilst learning.    


Students are encouraged to take measurable risks as they gain awareness about the environment and how it constantly changes. At Nature Explorer students use real tools to build, create and construct different projects in addition with real fires for cooking and boiling the Kelly kettles. They become more resilient and show greater perseverance as they continue to explore, investigate and take risks. 


Nature Explorer promotes social environment encouraging students to work individually or co-operatively in groups.

They work together to share their knowledge and help fellow peers in areas they might find challenging. They develop great language skills with open communication and little to none adult interruptions, allowing them to problem solve on their own.

Students undertake a variety of large and small projects that continue over numerous Nature Explorer sessions. These are consistently evolving each week and designed and made/built/ by the student. This also enforces the students to gain responsibility of their work and as they watch it develop into the larger project through many problem-solving and analysing numerous cause and effect they build a huge sense of pride and ownership for their project and the learning they have developed along the way. As students reflect on their accomplishment and growth each week it leads them to positive attitude about learning and improves behaviours in the learning environment.

To inquire about implementing Nature Explorers into your school please click the contact us button below.


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