Outdoor Programs for children;

Nature play is climbing a tree, building a cubby, walking in the bush and looking for shells on a beach. It’s splashing, digging, exploring, investigating, constructing and imagining. It’s all about the unstructured play that lets children imagine, create and be active. 



  • 3-6 years

  • 9.30 - 1.30pm Monday to Friday

  • Pottsville

  • Currently open to all children.

  • Pottsville Community Preschool will provide a Nature Explorers session to every child enrolled in their program on their usual day of attendance in 2020.

  • Wider community are able to enrol in Nature Explorers for one or more sessions.

  • children engage in authentic and meaningful learning in and with nature

  • children develop awareness of cultural connections to land and knowledge of sustainable practices

  • children reconnect with nature through unstructured play and outdoor learning

  • provides opportunity for children to develop skills in managing risks in a safe learning environment

  • child led investigations fosters holistic child development – physical, mental, social and emotional, including growth of resilience, self-confidence, learning ability, concentration, creativity and more.

  • Check out a little bit about our Preschool programs, click on this link



  • 0-4 years

  • children attend with families

  • 9.30 - 11.30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Pottsville, Cabarita and Kingscliff 

  • parents and carers get together with their young children for an adventure, to have fun and learn through play

  • experience the benefits of time spent together outside in nature

  • children learn about their environment and the local wildlife 

  • provides an opportunity for children and families to connect and build social networks within their community

  • the natural environment provides a relaxing setting and gives children an opportunity to explore, discover and imagine and to stimulate all their senses

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Primary School programs

  • based at local Stokers Siding School

  • regular weekly sessions within the curriculum

Outreach Programs

  • We provide Nature programs direct to Early Childhood, OOSH services and Primary Schools

  • Catered to your service - weekly and regular sessions or one off excursions and incursions

  • 0-12 years

Explorers have opportunities to participate in risky and challenging play in a safe learning environment, we provide opportunity for the development of important life skill learnings such as making choices, problem solving, measured risk taking, and navigating their way emotionally building confidence in their own capabilities.

Each site in our local area provides different learning opportunities for children. Educators follow children's interests and extend their learning further through explorations and investigations.

Nature Explorers Philosophy

In our relationships with children we;

  • support children’s learning and holistic development through play at an unhurried pace

  • acknowledge that children have a voice and are capable, competent and resourceful learners that can direct their own learning

  • create an engaging program that extends upon children’s ideas and interests to provide challenges and adventurous play

  • value the pedagogy of learning with and in nature and are inspired by the Forest School approach

  • foster children to engage in decision making, problem solving, thinking skills and ‘risky play’ 

  • promote social learning and relationships through connections in play


In our role as educators we;

  • view our educator role as a co-learner and collaborator with children and through play provide provocations, encourage, guide, scaffold and facilitate learning

  • are committed to delivering a high quality program based on researched ‘best practice’ and uphold integrity of the program 

  • encourage a culture of life-long learning by resourcing educators to grow through training and upskilling

  • values the dynamic culture of the educator team that fosters wellbeing, collaboration, knowledge sharing and promotes strengths 


In relation to the natural environment we;

  • acknowledge and respect that we meet on land that traditionally belongs to the Goodjinburra people of the Bundjalung nation and embed Indigenous culture in everyday practice.

  • foster children’s sense of belonging to sites and the program and encourages the stewardship of land and water

  • foster children’s learning in and with nature and view the environment as a third teacher

  • embed sustainability practices into our everyday practices to build connections with the land and instil a lifelong passion for the care of our world

  • value opportunities for children to develop skills in managing risks, giving children empowerment, a sense of agency and independence


In our relationships with families we;

  • build meaningful relationships with families through trusting, inclusive and respectful connections

  • value the wealth of knowledge families provide about their child to support continuity and progression in their child’s learning

  • encourage the interest and involvement of parents to share in decision making, contribute and feel part of their program 

  • believe in embracing and valuing the richness and diversity of our children, families and community


In our partnerships with community we;

  • view children as citizens that can actively participate, contribute and engage meaningfully in their community

  • build reciprocal respectful partnerships with community working collaboratively to connect, share knowledge, and support community initiatives

  • care for the environment and land on which our community grows

  • believe that the community is the basis for our learning, our being, our belonging, our becoming.