Think Outside

Nature Explorers runs during NSW School terms.


The program operates exclusively in nature – rain, hail and shine – and is inspired by the educational model of Forest Schooling, which values regular and repeated access to the same nature setting enabling children to build deep connections with and within the natural space. 


Our Explorers are aligned with the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and encourage experiential, inquiry-based and play-based learning to foster confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem.


Educators support these creative adventures and exploration through the introduction of tools and resources in a developmentally, responsible manner; children are encouraged to explore risk in a personal and meaningful way.  Sometimes educators will participate in adventures alongside the group or individual children, at other times they will observe and assess ways to expand the children's experiences.



"Today’s children are spending less time outside and more time indoors engaged in technology-driven activities; and we believe that as parents and educators, it is our responsibility to steer our children away from this “nature-deficit-disorder”

                              RICHARD LOUV – 2005

Your child will enjoy everyday adventures out doors, and a purposeful, nature-based curriculum that will help them to set and attain their personal goals.


Nature Explorers program serves to reconnect children with our ever changing environment, while creating a base of knowledge surrounding the importance of community and sustainability. The first of its kind in the Northen End of NSW, our program meets a child’s need for self-esteem and leadership skills.


We are serious about play

      Some activities may include:

  • Physical movement (bushwalking, climbing rocks/trees, balancing, digging, constructing, building)

  • Art and craft (drawing inspiration from natural elements
    (fire, wind, water, earth, wood, metal).

  • Nature connection games (using theatre/team building skills)

  • Music making

  • Loose parts play (logs, sticks, mud, dirt, leaves, seeds, plants, cicada shells)

  • Bushcraft (fire craft, bush cooking, shelter building, using tools (ropes, knives and axes), hand carving wood, natural containers, bush survival and navigation, basic first aid)

  • Imaginative play

  • Introduction to local flora and fauna

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please click on the Program tab at the top and scroll down and complete the Expression of Interest form