Children under 4 years old.  $20 per session paid termly

A Nature Playgroup specifically designed for children under 4 years of age,
 where families learn through creative and unstructured play, which is essential to children’s development, while helping them explore and understand their world.

Nature Explorers Playgroup scaffold strong connections between children and their families for a positive early childhood learning and development experience.

Embracing the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, our playgroup provides a child led, highly enriched, sensory and outdoor play environment for children and families. A gentle rhythm however weaves through each session to include: free play, nature walks, campfire, bush cooking, music making, story time, nature connection games, nature art/craft.

We promote shared experiences within families and communities with tangible and lasting benefits.

Playgroup Pottsville

  • You are now just paying the enrolment fee. The invoice for the sessions will be sent shortly.

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