We believe that not only do children thrive in a play-based learning environment, but that extensive time outdoors can only serve to enhance their learning.

Today’s children are spending less time outside and more time indoors engaged in technology-driven activities; we believe that as parents and educators, it is our responsibility to steer our children away from this “nature-deficit-disorder”.

Nature Explorers aims to reconnect children with our ever changing environment, while creating a base of knowledge surrounding the importance of community and sustainability. The first of its kind in the Northern Region of NSW, our program meets a child’s need for self-esteem, leadership skills.

Nature Explorers

Igniting Children's Learning Naturally

“This experience has been better than I had ever imagined. Evie comes away each week so inspired by the session, it really has sparked something completely new in her. The way she talks about our environment and the things that she know nows and understands, and her overall confidence to explore everything has just been taken to the next level. Thank you so much “


Some positive outcomes

  • Children will be more confident and more able to take risks.

  • Children will be more active.

  • Children will facilitate their own learning.

  • Children will be able to assess and problem solve more effectively.

  • Children will be engaged in real life experiences.

  • Children will begin to understand and respect our natural environment

Nature Appreciation

  • Increases understanding of and appreciation for nature.

  • Augments ecological literacy.

  • Creates sustainable and healthy communities.

The Learning

  • Encourages problem-solving skills and improves communication skills.

  • Creates engaged and passionate learners.

  • Supports creative and imaginative thinking.

  • Empowers learners.